Build Your Breakthrough Brand

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to better craft your brand story or a professional ready to take the next big step in your career, this branding workshop will provide you with the step-by-step instruction and resources to mindfully uncover your unique story and then provide the tools to share it in a compelling way. We’ll help you identify where you’re headed professionally, the qualities of the audience you want to reach, and craft your unique set of brand values and personal brand story.

Join Lofti brand strategy expert, Karianne Michelle, who will share the multimillion-dollar concepts she used to help craft the world’s strongest, most recognizable brands and Yelp Small Business Expert, Emily Washcovick, who will share secrets used by elite businesses to get your brand the most exposure possible.

Lofti empowers leaders to tell lasting stories. From entrepreneurs and artistic makers to sales professionals and thought leaders, Lofti has helped over a thousand driven individuals craft authentic, powerful stories. Lofti clients walk away with an easy-to-implement, practical guide on ways to leverage their story to elevate their brand, as they work towards mindfully meeting their greater career and business goals.

This workshop is perfect for anyone who is:

  • Feeling a bit unfocused, you have great ideas but they are all over the place and you are looking for a process to help you create a clear message for your brand.

  • Not sure where to start, when it comes to marketing yourself or your business and you question, “am I even doing this the right way?”

  • Looking for smarter ways to talk about yourself and/or your business professionally, in an authentic way, without losing your sense of purpose.

  • Ready to dive boldly into the world of entrepreneurship or want to increase revenue for your small business and know your big vision needs the right language.

  • Wants new ideas to gain amazing exposure for your small business and/or personal brand online.

Your Takeaways:

  • Lofti’s proven process to improve storytelling to drive your career and/or business growth.

  • An easy-to-follow guide and free tools to help you create or update your Yelp small business listing, social media content, and website copy that speaks to your audience and/or prospective clients.

  • A mindful process to find clarity on your vision, target audience and differentiators to create your unique brand story.

  • Tools and confidence to use your unique professional and/or brand story for strategic and memorable social media and website content, concise messaging for elevator pitch-like situations, and captivating talking points for networking events.

  • Learn specifics on how to claim your free Yelp business account so you can improve searchability for your business.

What to Expect:

11:30A Grab a bite and settle in

11:45A Grounding meditation led by Karianne

12:00P Build Your Breakthrough Brand workshop

12:45P Mindful stretch break

1:00P Learn how to Maximize your Exposure on Yelp

1:30P Stick around to socialize & tour the EvolveHer space

What Lofti Workshop Attendees Tell Us:

"Karianne’s questions are eye-opening, I was caught up in work terms, she helped me consider the “human” attributes to tell my brand story.” - Holly, Director of Marketing

"Before the workshop I was unfocused, I had a lot of ideas that were all over the place. The exercises focused my branding, I created a story to set myself apart and get my brand out there." - David, Real Estate Agent

"Thinking about the visual aspects of my brand was daunting to me. I would spend time staring at Instagram, trying to figure out what to post, when to post. Now, I'm really excited to get home and get to work practicing these principles." - Amina, Author

About Your Instructors

Karianne Michelle is a Chicago-based marketing strategist, education and professional speaker with 15 years of brand leadership experience in the creative industry. Over the course of her career, Karianne has led branding, digital marketing, advertising strategy and execution for some of the world's biggest brands including State Farm, Hewlett-Packard, and GE. In 2017, she exitied as a Vice President, Digital at Weber Shandwick, a global communications firm and launched Lofti to help small business owners and leaders navigate the complex world of branding.

Lofti applies the same multimillion-dollar concepts used by the world’s strongest, most recognizable brands to individuals and their unique stories. In the first 2.5 years, Lofti has coached over a thousand leaders and entrepreneurs through private consulting and original branding and wellness workshops. Lead by wellness-centric values, Lofti refines and leverages each client’s story to get them to their next level of greatness, in either their career or business, without losing their sense of self and purpose in the process. 

Emily Washcovick, is Chicago’s Local Yelp Business Partner intent on building and connecting a thriving network of local business owners, operators, and marketers. She regularly hosts a series of online and offline events aimed at providing business leaders with the resources that help them succeed and grow. As the local Yelp for Business Owners guru in Chicago, she provides training for local organizations upon request and is an active connector between the Chicago community helping Yelp HQ to activate and grow business owner focused divisions.

Hosted at EvolveHer

EvolveHer is a creative workspace designed for women to connect, collaborate & curate a life they love. EvolveHer not only provides a beautiful workspace but also offers a robust schedule of custom programming to support its community of women in all aspects of life (business development, wellness, and connections). The 5,000 square foot River North loft was intentionally designed to inspire creativity and serves as a unique space to host off-sites, private events, and trainings.

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